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Dear Gary,
I would like to say thank you for all your help during the past weeks. You have helped me a great deal, with your proficiency, knowledge and care. You have a very loving heart. You and your staff provided outstanding care, which is treasured more than words can express. Again, thank you and may God continue to bless you along with your family and your professional outreach.

Best Regards,
Carlos M.

So, I thought physical therapy was BS. Like most folks I know physical therapy is not considered “real” medicine. It’s in a category of holistic medicine or a chiropractor. Turns out I couldn’t be more wrong. I had a wonderful opportunity to see Dr. Gary Welch and I don’t have the vocabulary to describe how much better I feel after having these treatments for over a month now! I can tell you that I would have paid much more than the amount of the co-pays, for how I feel now. A good physical therapist is just as important as a good surgeon. In the end, physical therapy has made all activities in my everyday life much better. i.e. driving, physical labor, putting on shoes and even getting dressed. So thanks Gary, you really changed my life for the better!

James B.

There are many questions asked about a total hip replacement, some about the surgeon and others about the hospital. Few think far enough into the future about the most important part, the recovery. Going to Spectrum Physical Therapy was one of the best moves I made. The level of care and the professional staff made my healing process complete. In now have my strength and mobility back in my hip due to the stretching and exercise program designed for me by the staff. I can’t say enough about how happy I am to have had the pleasure of recovering in the healing atmosphere of Spectrum Physical Therapy.

Thank you,
Ron P.

I arrived in your office with my arm in a sling and immobile. I was in pain and scared. You were sympathetic, caring and optimistic about my recovery. For ten weeks we worked hard and I left for Florida pain free and looking forward to an active retirement. When I returned to Florida, I went to see my surgeon, Dr. Guru and he was amazed at my recovery due to the severity of my injury and complexity of the surgery. He said I was well ahead of schedule and he did not expect my therapy to be so successful. The therapist was surprised at how far I came and said I was at 85%. I am now strengthening for four weeks, two times per week, which includes golf therapy. There is no way I can thank you enough for all you did. I was so fortunate to find such a gifted and compassionate therapist.

Thank You,
Joan W.

Dr. Gary Welch invested a lot of time, energy, encouragement and support into my recovery. My surgery and my state of condition was an extremely frightening experience for me. Experiencing the quality of care and knowledge Gary Welch has as a physical therapist, I knew I was getting the best there was out there. In addition, thank you for showing me ways to exercise safely and condition myself in between appointments. The care at Spectrum made a huge difference with my recovery.

Margaret G.

I would like to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the level of care and expertise I received in my treatment from you and your staff.  The difference in my pain level and mobility is night and day.  My results are far beyond my expectations.  My own orthopedic surgeon said I would never regain the level of mobility I was able to achieve through your care and my pain level is significantly improved.  I just can’t get over the difference!  It is like a miracle.  I will be forever grateful to you and your entire staff.  You and your staff are not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but always pleasant, caring and gifted in the field of Physical Therapy.

Liz G.

Thank you for being the best PT facility. Everyone there is professional, caring – it’s family……I am blessed to be able to go there. Special thanks to my dear friend Melissa for her accepting spirit and exceptional work ethic. No one could run a business like you. PS ….thanks also to Ms. DiDi for all the help she gives me. PPSS….thank you Terry for all your kindness.PPSS….thank you Gail for watching for that $100 mark. Let me not forget Stacy, Irma,Mark and Barbara: you are all kind beyond words.”

Tina D.