After two decades of advocacy, we have finally come to a successful fruition, as a 2-year funding deal recently signed into law includes a full repeal of the cap on Medicare outpatient physical therapy, occupational, and speech-language pathology services.

For 21 years the therapy cap threatened to undermine the health and quality of life of millions of Medicare beneficiaries. Physical therapy practitioners were faced with the possibility of denying services to those who needed them.

“I am grateful that President Trump along with Congress has finally put an end to this flawed policy and would like to thank all of our law makers for finally changing this for the Americans who have earned this insurance coverage”. This is not an entitlement, it’s been paid for over a persons life time. They deserve it.

The repeal came just as some beneficiaries were beginning to hit the $2,010 therapy cap. With the turn of the calendar year, the therapy cap of $2,010 went into effect, and putting more than a million beneficiaries at risk of losing access to essential outpatient Medicare Part B therapy services.

Be sure to pass this on to family members and friends who have Medicare services.

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