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Bicycle safety helps peddle away from the emergency room!

mountain bike with helmet showing safety or sports concept in nature

mountain bike with helmet showing safety or sports concept in nature

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELocal Physical Therapists Help Keep Cyclists Moving Forward
Patchogue, NY (April 23, 2013) – More Americans ride bicycles than those who ski, golf or play tennis combined, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. The Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association says biking-related injuries are largely preventable.

“Cyclists, roughly 580,000 Americans, visit the emergency room each year for injuries sustained while riding,” said Gary Welch at Spectrum Physical Therapy in Patchogue. “It is common for private practice physical therapists to treat cycling injuries such as anterior knee pain, perineal pain (Pelvic Floor) , tendonitis and head injuries including concussion.”

Seventy-five percent of fatal or serious cycling accidents occur at or near road intersections in urban areas, according to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety. Basic habits, including knowledge and use of appropriate hand signals and wearing of protective gear – helmet, knee pads, etc. – aid in prevention of trauma among children and adults alike, and save Americans an estimated $8 billion in health care costs per year. recently cited that cyclists can enjoy a safe ride by checking the level of their seat, the position of their handle bars and the extension of their knees as well as maintaining good posture and stretching before and after a ride.

“During spring, local physical therapists strive to lower injury rates by providing preventive measures so cycling enthusiasts and their bikes are operating optimally and safely,” continued Welch. “Local physical therapy clinics are available to review the rules of the road and recommended biking methodologies to ensure fewer people become emergency room statistics.”

Editor’s Note: Gary Welch is available for discussion on these safety tips by email – – Website – or Facebook at Spectrum Physical Therapy.

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