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Does your medical insurance have your best interest in mind?

Does your medical insurance have your best interest in mind?

In our physical therapy office, we see patients every day, who come in with serious pain and injuries, and they want the best in care for themselves. Our patients also pay a lot for their insurance and they want to be able to use what they’ve paid for. This makes complete sense and I would want to do the same thing. However, most are finding out that after paying so much every month for their insurance, they also have a high co-payment every time they see a doctor or a physical therapist. When coming to physical therapy, their co-pay is categorized as a specialist visit, which makes the visit more costly.  The normal co-pay these days average $30 to $40 per visit, but we are seeing absurd co-pays of up to $60 – $75/ visit, which is higher than our […]

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