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The benefits of the Graston Technique

A relatively unknown alleviation of back pain, the Graston Technique is an instrument assisted therapeutic technique that is able to treat soft tissue damage. If you’re searching for this treatment (or physical therapy) in Patchogue, Spectrum Physical Therapy specializes in utilizing the Graston Technique.

Being an innovative and unique procedure, most patients have plenty of questions before agreeing to use the Graston Technique. Essentially, the technique enables your physical therapist to break down scar tissue along with fascia restrictions, thus providing relief for pain and discomfort. What makes the technique so uncanny is that it incorporates the use of stainless steel instruments that are specially designed to not only detect but treat areas of inflammation. These areas can include locations on the body experiencing chronic inflammation and locations exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis.

By receiving this brand of therapeutic treatment, a patient could hope to accomplish several different goals. This can include the aforementioned scar tissue breakdown, which the patient could be suffering from due to a strained muscle, pulled ligament/tendon, or something else of that nature. The technique can also provide increased mobility for the patient through proper stretching of the connective tissue. By reducing the restrictions established by soft tissue damage, your physical therapist may be able to rearrange the structure of the soft tissue in an effort to relieve the discomfort. Upon completion of the Graston Technique, the treated areas will likely be able to heal more effectively on their own.

Previously, the Graston Technique was developed by athletes, but it is now utilized as an interdisciplinary treatment by more than 15,000 clinicians worldwide. These clinicians include physical and occupational therapists, hand therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers. If you’re an individual who wants physical therapy treatment in Patchogue, ask the trained professionals at Spectrum Physical Therapy for more information regarding the Graston Technique and other therapeutic treatments.




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