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Importance of Core Stabilization

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How Strengthening Your Core Can Improve Your Life

Experiencing lower back pain? Posture not the best?  If so, did you know that one of the best ways to alleviate pain and improve your quality of life is by improving your core muscles?

Comprised of several groups of muscles, your core is paramount in producing maximum stability in the abdominal and lower back region, while also facilitating the movement of the arms, legs, and spine.

Here at Spectrum Physical Therapy in Patchogue, our physical therapists have helped countless patients by incorporating core stabilization programs tailoring directly toward each individual’s needs.

Here are some benefits and methods of improving your core.


Benefits of a Solid Core:

  •         Decreasing Lower Back Pain: Many people think that strengthening your core muscles has no effect on any other part of your body. Wrong. Extremely important to the stability of your back- the stronger your core is, the stronger your back will be
  •         Improve Stability and Balance:  Working out your core muscles not only improves your back, but also your brain as well. By stimulating the cerebellum, located in your brain, an effective core stabilization program can lead to increased coordination, spatial awareness, and balance.
  •         Better Athletic Performance:  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sport that doesn’t utilize the core extensively. Whether it’s baseball, golf, football, or rowing -if you’re looking to step your game up, focus on improving your core for optimal performance.
  •         Improved Posture:  By strengthening your core, it subsequently stretches, rotates and extends the spine thus improving your posture.


Yoga and Pilates

Want to try something different besides your usual core exercises?  Physical therapists also recommend yoga and pilates as two other great ways of strengthening your core. Known for its poses and stretches, both activities offer a complete body workout while improving flexibility, muscle strength and tone.


Spectrum Physical Therapy in Patchogue

With winter steadily approaching, there’s no better time than now to start working on your core. Equipped with certified manual therapists and winners of numerous awards, our physical therapists at Spectrum Physical Therapy in Patchogue, are here to help you reach your wellness goals and experience the best quality of life possible.


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